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Have you ever asked yourself a very valid question. What made you choose aviation? Is it sheer passion, parental influence, monetary aspect, casual choice or just anything else.

Today as you progress forward, have you ever realized the size of this industry on a global perspective and have you evaluated what is the prospect the industry holds in terms of future growth, expansion and its landscape.

As far as the situation in India is concerned, reportedly, the shortage of pilots is continuing to increase and by 2030 if the deliveries of as many as 1,000 planes are executed, this shortage is likely to grow at an alarming rate. As per reports current major carriers in India are set to get a combined of over 150 new planes in the coming years, making a requirement of 800 to 1,000 pilots, namely in the rank of first officers and commanders.

Indian airlines require over 800 pilots over the next one year, and our urgent need of the hour is to ensure that we step on our efforts to provide quality training for our coming generation in procuring the CPL, to enable offset this alarming shortage.

Therefore, you, as upcoming pilots are heading in the right direction as far as industry growth and requirement is concerned and God willing will be on the right path to a blooming flying career.

Besides this point, what is being stressed here, is the level of professionalism one needs to adapt himself/herself. As a commander of an aircraft, one needs to exercise high levels of maturity, grace, professional outlook and above all a highly positive attitude towards the work culture. Only when you imbibe these qualities from a cadet level, only then these qualities get engraved in you as you progress and make your way forward.

So get set, get smart and rock on.

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