Private Pilot License or PPL in Chennai

In order to get Private Pilot License or PPL Licence a student requires to undergo ground school training , and a minimum flying training of around 50 hours. We at Fly Universe, are finest Pilot Training Academy in Chennai and we would provide you with the exact same training that is required to get this Licence. This License gives you inevitable chance at the honored Pilot in Command seat, not for remuneration though. The due diligence rule for acquiring a PPL are penned down by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) with little alterations provided by various Countries Aviation Regulatory bodies. When it comes to providing the professional nudge to our Students, in order to get the PPL, we take deft care of the course. We understand that most of our Students are from different backgrounds and are at varied pace of their life, thus we make sure to get them the experts who can give them the edge against other competitors vying for the same Dream.

Being a Pilot Training school in Chennai

Our Training Instructor are passionate people who have hands on experience into facing things that you are going to face in near future, in order to become a Pilot. We hand pick our Instructors only if they have the spark and dream of giving the Indian Aviation with future Flag bearers. We consider Piloting as an Art form and are prepared to impart it into People who are ready to break themselves to get into the Flight. We are also considered as one of the best Pilot Training Institute which provides 100% placement assistant to our Students.

Flight Training Requirements:

This qualification is the basic foundation for any flying pursuit and trains a novice learner for recreational flying as well as being a gateway to higher qualifications.

The minimum age in New Zealand for a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) is 17 years. A dedicated learner can complete the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) in 8 weeks.

Those that want to take up aviation as a career go on and do their Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), once they have attained their PPL.

To gain a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) you will need to complete the following;

  • 50 hours of flying
  • 15 hours dual – with an instructor
  • 15 hours solo
  • 10 hours cross-country
  • 5 hours instrument flying
  • 5 hours mountain flying
  • Pass the ground subjects (see the “ground subject” tab)
  • Pass a class 2 medical
  • Pass an English Language Proficiency exam
  • Undergo a Civil Aviation Fit and Proper Person assessment

Candidates must pass both a practical assessment and the ground theory exams before they can gain their PPL.

An external organisation – Aviation Services Ltd. (ASL) conduct the practical assessment and theory exams.


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